Surf and Serve: A Baja Adventure with the Hobgood Brothers

When Cobian partners with ambassadors who share our values, magic happens. This was evident on our recent Surf & Serve Trip, featuring none other than surfing legends Damien and CJ Hobgood. This adventure wasn't just about riding waves; it was an embodiment of 'Salt + Light' — a journey that combined our love for adventure with heartfelt service.

Fishing Adventures in San Quintín

Our time in Baja California kicked off with a fishing expedition. Guided by a local sport-fishing charter, the Hobgood brothers set out to sea, their hearts set on catching enough fish for a delectable taco feast. Mission accomplished: they returned triumphant with a haul of Rockfish and Lingcod. That evening, the catch was transformed into mouth-watering fish tacos, enjoyed in the cozy atmosphere of Captain Kelly's home.

Damien HobgoodFishing in the Draino 3 sandals


Cobian truck driving a dirt road

A woman warming tortillas

Fish taco

Stories that Bring Baja Alive

But what truly enriched this trip were the stories shared. Whether it was tales of the sea from Captain Kelly or memories from the Hobgood brothers' surfing careers, each story added a new layer to the experience. In sharing these narratives, we found that the essence of a place isn't just its scenic beauty but also the tales that emanate from its soul.

CJ saying cheers to the Captain

Off-Road Adventures and Unexpected Heroes

The adventure didn't stop there. A thrilling off-road escapade led the brothers to explore potential surf spots along Baja’s rugged coastline. Along the way, they encountered a stranded traveler. Helping him out turned into one of the trip’s most memorable moments, proving that sometimes life’s greatest rewards are its unexpected surprises.

The hobgood brothers walking with their surfboards

The Hobgoods searching for surf among jagged rock cliffs

Surf Camp: More Than Just Waves

The Hobgoods also dedicated time to a local surf camp, imparting their knowledge and skills to eager young surfers. One of the camp instructors shared a simple yet impactful lesson about making one's bed each morning as a "quick win" to start the day. This resonated with everyone and served as a reminder of how small actions can set the stage for bigger successes. For Damien, teaching at the surf camp was also an opportunity to rediscover his love for the sport: "The surf camp yesterday was really just another way to serve... I get to see surfing through their eyes, and all of a sudden now, I'm more in love with surfing than I've ever been."

A little girl giving a shaka

Damien walking a surfboard and kid into the water

A kid surfing

CJ cheering on his student

Surf camp group photo

Making a Difference: The My360Project

Our partnership extended to the My360Project, a non-profit committed to empowering underprivileged communities, especially children. It provides shoes, jobs, health, and hope by leveraging local resources. When the Hobgood brothers washed feet and put handmade shoes on local kids, the expressions of joy were priceless. Here, fashion met philanthropy, resulting in more than just "cool shoes" — it was about human connection and making a real difference.

CJ and Damien making shoes

My360Project art moc shoes

 CJ putting shoes on a kid

The Essence of 'Salt + Light'

Through each activity, the underlying theme was clear: service. Whether it was teaching surfing, aiding a stranded individual, washing feet or distributing shoes, every action was a manifestation of 'Salt + Light'. For the Hobgood brothers, and for us at Cobian, the key to a fulfilling life lies in service, and in the happiness and well-being that ripples out from each selfless act.

CJ and Damien walking the shore

A Journey of Shared Values

Surfing and fishing may have been the backdrop, but the real story here is one of service, community, and shared values. This Baja trip wasn't just another adventure; it was a testament to what can be achieved when like-minded individuals come together for a greater cause. And for Cobian, it was another beautiful chapter in our ongoing mission to spread 'Salt + Light' wherever we go.

Join us in celebrating this unforgettable journey and stay tuned for more adventures that embody the Salt + Light spirit.

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