Bethany Hamilton Shines at Kauai Salt + Light Event

Cobian Sales Manager Chris Peck sitting with Bethany Hamilton unveiling Bethany Hamilton original artwork by Michael Tilden.

Cobian recently had the honor of hosting a memorable "Salt + Light" event with the awe-inspiring Bethany Hamilton at Flip Flop Shops in Koloa Village, located on her home island of Kauai. This vibrant event unfolded with a myriad of attractions including traditional hula dancing, refreshing shave ice, captivating live music, sumptuous food, and a meaningful interview with Bethany, rounded off with an assortment of engaging giveaways.

A significant highlight of the event was the participation of the Beautifully Flawed Foundation. This non-profit organization, conceived by Bethany, dedicates itself to supporting young individuals with limb differences. Through delivery of first-response packages, organizing retreats, and hosting conferences, the foundation fosters enduring mentorships, encourages individuals to embrace the beauty in their unique journeys, and empowers them to strive for excellence in all aspects of life.

During the interactive Q+A session, Bethany instilled attendees with messages of Faith, shared empowering narratives tailored for young girls, dispensed beneficial health and fitness guidance, and divulged future aspirations for her distinguished surfing career. Following the session, she graciously engaged with the crowd, signing autographs, taking pictures with thrilled fans, and creating unforgettable moments.

Throughout the event, Bethany solidified her embodiment of the Salt + Light ethos: radiating love and positivity, supporting others in overcoming their personal challenges, and inspiring others to do the same.

We welcome you to delve into some of the event highlights presented below!

Hula dancers are dancing in the middle of a crowd of spectators attending the event.
Bethany Hamilton is giving a motivational speech to a large crowd gathered at the event.
A crowd of excited kids are gathered around the camera, shouting and screaming.
A little girl is smiling holding up a pair of Bethany Hamilton sandals.
Bethany Hamilton is signing a poster for an excited little boy.
Bethany Hamilton is smiling at camera alongside some Cobian team members.