Moto Meets Surf: Damien Hobgood's Dual-Adventure at Surfercross

When the worlds of surfing and motocross collide, you get the electrifying event known as Surfercross. Year after year, this annual event has drawn pros and industry bros from both arenas, marrying the thrill of riding waves with the adrenaline of revving engines. This year, we're excited to bring you an exclusive look into Surfercross through the eyes of none other than Damien Hobgood.

Day 1: Revving it Up at Perris Raceway

The event kickstarted with the motocross racing at Perris Raceway. The sun was high, the tracks dusty, and the roar of engines filled the air. Participants paired up, with our very own Damien teaming up with the talented Reid Harper. While the competition was fierce with racers pushing the limits of their machines and skills, it set the tone for the camaraderie and sportsmanship that Surfercross is known for.

Day 2: Riding the Waves at San Onofre Beach

Trading their helmets for surfboards, the second day brought participants to the scenic San Onofre State Beach. The waves were perfect, offering a playground for our surfers to showcase their prowess. And shred they did! Damien and Reid, with their exceptional surfing skills, managed to dominate the waves, taking home 1st place in the surf competition. Their victory was a testament to their talent, teamwork, and shared passion for the sport.

And the Winners Are...

While Damien and Reid clinched the top spot in the surf competition, the event saw a slew of talent, with winners declared for the moto day, surf day, and the overall champions. The real win, however, was the spirit of Surfercross - bringing together two seemingly different worlds, fostering friendships, and celebrating the love for surf and moto.

Wrapping It Up

This year's Surfercross was nothing short of spectacular, and we at Cobian are thrilled to have been a part of it. A big shoutout to all the participants, organizers, and spectators who made this event a roaring success. Until next year, keep riding and keep surfing!

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