INSPIRED: Aaron Gold

INSPIRED: Aaron Gold

Editor’s Note: Welcome to the first installment of our INSPIRED Series, presented by Cobian’s Every Step Matters (ESM) initiative. This series looks at compelling moments, people, and places that inspire athletes to do what they do, that in turn inspire us. Learn how, by choosing Cobian footwear, you can make a positive impact and enrich the lives of others at Every Step Matters.

When Aaron Gold was young, Tony Moniz gave him a surfboard.

“Waimea was forecast to be pretty big the next day. I had been used to surfing big waves, but not like that,” Aaron says. “Tony asked me if I wanted to paddle out. I told him I didn’t have a board, and he was like, ‘I have a board you can ride.'”

Aaron says he has a million stories like that. Now a world-famous big wave surfer who clinched a Paddle of the Year nomination in 2016 with a massive wave at Jaws, he’s quickly becoming a household name. Respected chargers in big wave surfing like Ian Walsh have called him the wild man who may have caught the biggest wave ever paddled into, ever. Da hui says he’s a “savage.”

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