Bless Local: A Day of Giving and Hope in Oceanside, CA

Bless Local: A Day of Giving and Hope in Oceanside, CA

Every year, as the echoes of summer fade and the anticipation of the new school year intensifies, countless families grapple with the financial strains of preparing their children for school. Recognizing this challenge, the Bless Local event was born in Oceanside, CA, aiming to ease this burden and infuse families with hope and dignity as their children gear up for school.

At Cobian, we’ve always believed in giving back and lighting the way for others. Our involvement in the Bless Local event, in partnership with Rhythm Church, was a direct embodiment of our Salt + Light campaign, which seeks to be a beacon of hope and positive change in communities.

This year, we were proud to be at the forefront of this beautiful initiative. Our ambassadors and dedicated staff members lent their support, turning out in large numbers to ensure the event was a success. Their mission? To ensure that every child left the event with a backpack filled with essential school supplies, a fresh haircut, and the added joy of new clothes to flaunt on their first day back.

As families queued up, stretching down the lanes, our team got to know them better. Every individual, every child had a story to tell. And it was in these personal narratives that the real impact of the event shone through. Tales of gratitude, of hopes rekindled, and of burdens lightened filled the air, underscoring the importance of community support.

Bless Local isn't just about physical provisions. It's a testament to the belief underlined in Matthew 6:25-26: that every life is valuable, and every soul deserves care and love.

For those who love numbers, here's a snapshot of the day's achievements:

  • 80 fresh haircuts
  • 400 backpacks brimming with school supplies
  • 900 articles of brand-new clothing
  • A staggering 600 lbs of groceries, balanced between meats and fresh produce
  • Gift cards worth $4000 for further shopping needs
  • 25 skateboards for some lucky kids
  • A feast of 200 burgers, 20 pizzas, 100 tacos, and 300 drinks to keep spirits high
  • 350 packets of diapers, totaling 1300 diapers for young ones
  • 25 families reached out, asking for prayers
  • 3 families experienced a life-changing moment, giving their lives to Jesus

Sprinkled throughout the event were moments that tugged at our heartstrings. The sight of children picking out their backpacks from a wall filled with over 400 of them, the pre-event huddle where everyone joined in prayer, and the hustle and bustle of 10 barbers ensuring kids left with stylish haircuts.

Cobian ambassador, Dennis Martinez, was there in full spirit, ensuring some kids left with comfortable sandals. And our very own Charley Cobian was there, mingling and sharing moments with local families.

A special mention goes to our collaboration with the Mobile Pantry, which helped us provide groceries to families. Free diapers, a basic yet often overlooked necessity, brought relief to many parents. And throughout the day, the atmosphere was kept lively with live music, with the Cobian booth serving as a vibrant backdrop.

The Backpack Wall
Barber giving a child a haircut
Barbers at Work

Crowd at the event
Crowd at the Event

Dennis Martinez with kids
Dennis Martinez with Kids

Charlie Cobian with families
Charley Cobian with Families

Mobile Pantry Collaboration
Mobile Pantry Collaboration

Diapers for young onesDiapers for Young Ones

Prayer requests
Prayer Requests

Live Music and Cobian Booth
Live Music and Cobian Booth

All in all, the day was filled with joy, hope, and a renewed sense of community. At Cobian, we're grateful for the opportunity to be a part of something so transformative and to practice being Salt + Light in such a tangible way. Here's to more days of giving, more moments of connection, and a brighter future for all.