The Bro-Side Classic: Cobian's Salt + Light in Action for Addiction Recovery

The Bro-Side Classic: Cobian's Salt + Light in Action for Addiction Recovery

In the face of a global surge in addiction and overdoses, we at Cobian remain committed to making a positive difference through our Salt + Light campaign. We recently had the honor of participating in the 2nd Annual Bro-Side Classic golf tournament in Oceanside, CA, an event close to our hearts.

The "bro-themed" charity event, organized in partnership with Rhythm Church, was designed to provide support for Rising Tide Ranch, a local treatment and sober living center. Our very own ambassadors, Damien Hobgood and Dennis Martinez, stepped into key roles during the tournament. Damien delighted attendees with a humorous reading of "bro-rules," while Dennis offered support and inspiration along with fellow skateboarding legend Christian Hosoi, who graced the event with a heartfelt opening prayer.

Beyond the realm of ambassadors, the Cobian Salt + Light spirit permeated the entire event. We contributed product prizes for the top place finishers, and our very own warehouse manager, Mario Altamirano, played a hands-on role in setting up and distributing refreshments.

Over $20,000 in proceeds raised from the tournament will directly aid individuals looking to overcome addiction, like Cory Hilly. Once living out of his truck, Cory is now celebrating a year of sobriety and has happily reunited with his family, illustrating the transformative power of support and community.

Through our involvement in events like the Bro-Side Classic, we aim to serve as a beacon of hope for those on the path to recovery. We're proud of the part we played, and we’re motivated to continue supporting such inspiring causes in our mission to help individuals lead a life free from addiction.