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At Cobian, we believe that each step of the journey is just as important as the finish line. That's why we choose to support individuals who are committed to making EVERY STEP MATTER. Although no one can see what lies on the path ahead, we recognize the power in sharing the testimonies of those who have overcome to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.



Writer: Juan Hernandez, TheInertia.com | Photo: Mike Coots

“It’s no secret Bethany Hamilton is one of the most philanthropically driven athletes you’ll ever meet. From working with SurfAid to being one of the Make A Wish Foundation’s most requested wish granters to her own Friends of Bethany Foundation and more, she’s a busy woman with a very big heart, to say the least. Her story is inspirational without needing much explanation: A teenage girl loses her arm in a shark attack while surfing, then not only returns to surfing but does it so well she becomes one of the sport’s best. She surfs big waves. She shows up at ‘CT events and upsets some of the Tour’s top competitors. And at 27 years old, she’s now been doing all this with one arm as long as she ever did it with two.

Professional accomplishments aside, the things that don’t make as many headlines are probably the simplest and most life-altering, like learning to tie your shoe or comb your hair with one hand, or how a woman’s perception of beauty will forever be changed when she no longer has an arm.

“When you’re faced with the loss of your limb or some other physical difference there becomes, in your mind, a real challenge to what our culture says is beautiful,” Hamilton says. “There has to be a change in your mindset when it comes to beauty, from focusing on physical appearance—which is fleeting — to thinking of the heart and attitude and even something greater...”

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Writer: Dylan Heyden, TheInertia.com

“Ntando Msibi is a grom’s grom. His eyes get wide and his smile is visible from space when he talks about surfing. And when the kid came into our offices for an interview he crushed not one but two Red Bulls back to back. (No joke!) But unlike other 19-year-olds, Ntando’s accumulated enough real world experience to fill three lifetimes.

Ntando comes from Durban, South Africa. And at nine years old, after the tragic death of his mother, he found himself trying to survive on the streets.

“Street children,” as they’re called, in South Africa and elsewhere often resort to criminal activity in order to survive. Drug habits are also par for the course when living on the streets.

In this case, Ntando’s story is no different. When he first got involved with Surfers Not Street Children, a South African non-profit launched by Tom Hewitt to get kids off the streets through surfing, Ntando was in a bad place. He was sniffing glue, and at one point was hit by a car. He miraculously came out unscathed.

Over time through Tom and Surfers Not Street Children, Ntando began surfing more and more and spending less and less time on the streets. As Tom puts it, Ntando became so enamored with surfing and would be in the water so much that by the end of the day he’d literally be too exhausted to return to old habits...”

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Inspired: Zane Schweitzer

Writer: Juan Hernandez, TheInertia.com

“You’ve probably never met anybody like Zane Schweitzer. I’m reminding myself of this fact as I rack my brain for just one story to share about him; something that articulates the coolest, funniest, or most striking thing about him as a person. You see, I’m attempting to introduce you to an athlete that isn’t a top five ‘CT title contender with a multimillion dollar endorsement. His face isn’t on massive Target billboards and there are no signature board shorts.

And like I said, you’ve never met anybody like Zane Schweitzer, because none of the aforementioned accolades are what he’s after. He’s an accomplished athlete who’s quick to say his proudest achievements have little to do with any athletics at all. In 2012, Schweitzer founded Stand Up for the Cure, a stand up paddle event that raises money for uninsured cancer patients. And on his own, Zane created InZane SUPer Groms as a way to teach kids all over the world to surf.”

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Aaron Gold holding Cobian sandal in front of eye


Writer: Zach Slobig, Surfline.com | Photo: Logan Jacobs

“Early in 2016 the big-wave elite watched with mouths agape as Aaron Gold paddled into a monstrous wave at Pe’ahi — arguably the biggest ever paddled at the famed break. Known as a humble charger, Gold instantly went from underground to primetime. Since then he sliced his head open nearly to the skull on the North Shore, requiring 18 staples and a dozen stitches, and nearly drowned at Tavarua. Surfline recently caught up with Gold to talk about where his mind, body and spirit are at, after enduring such a harrowing year...”

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Sumo Sato in Hawaiian hat


Writer: Dylan Heyden, TheInertia.com

“It’s hard to keep Sumo talking about himself for too long. He’d much rather discuss the community in Huntington Beach that defines him. I’m sitting in The Inertia offices in Venice. Sumo’s talking to me from Hawaii. We would have met in HB, but he was back where he grew up to undergo another round of chemotherapy for stage four colon cancer. Talking to him, you wouldn’t know it. He’s jovial. Upbeat.

Despite growing up in Huntington Beach, this is my first conversation with Blaine Sato – known around the world simply as Sumo. A perennial figure on the North Side of HB pier, and a local pastor, Sumo’s an institution in Surf City...”

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Nate Yeomans twisting moustache


Photo: Ellis, Surfer.com

“Nate Yeomans’ moustache has always been a conversation starter; these days, he’s making those conversations count, raising awareness about uncomfortable subjects like prostate and testicular cancer, as well as mental health and suicide prevention, issues that affect the lives of millions of men every year.”

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